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                              FAQ :
                              How does the website work?
                              After placing your order, we email you your memorandum and Article of Association and your invoice. Your incorporation request is lodged at Companies House automatically. You should get a reply within 4 hours from the time you apply for the company depending of course on the queue at Companies House. Your certificate of incorporation is emailed to you once Companies House approves your company's name.
                              What is a Limited Company?
                              A limited company is a separate legal entity created by incorporation at Companies House. Once incorporated Companies House issue a certificate and company registration number. This becomes the company's ID so to speak. You can change the company's name at any time but you still keep the registered number. The profits, losses, assets and liabilities belong to the company.

                              The company is then owned by its members (the shareholders) and run by the managing director or directors. This gives the directors Limited Liabilities. If the company should fail the directors personal assets are protected. Because a company has a life of its own the business can continue to trade despite the resignation or death of any directors or shareholders. Other reasons for choosing a Limited company could include ownership of property, obtaining outside finance, taxation, status and protection from risk
                              Why do I need to incorporate my Company?
                              To take advantage of the tax benefit. Limited Liability protects the owner of the limited company from personal loss. A limited company is a separate corporate entity and unlike self-employed or soletrader, its debt is not that of the individual owner. Image & Perception, for example a prepective employee will prefer to work in a limited company rather than for a sole trader
                              What type of company I can set up?
                              Private limited company
                              Public limited company
                              Company limited by Guarantee
                              Flat management company
                              What requirements do I need to meet to form a limited company?
                              At least 1 director & 1 secretary At least 1 shareholder ( any one of the above can be shareholder) To set the type od shares Needs to have an authorised and issued capital A registered Office Address
                              Can I use any company name?
                              Choosing a name is very important because in the future this can be a valuable asset for the company.
                              While choosing a name, you must ensure that:
                              - You are not using an existing name or a name which is too identical to an existing one, e.g. Arthur Lt and Arthur & Co Ltd
                              - You have the necessary permission to use some words whish are deemed sensitive. (Sensitive words)
                              - You are not using a name which causes offence or imply criminal activity
                              - The chosen name ends with either "limited" or "ltd" if they are to be a profit making organization.
                              WHY CHOOSE US :
                              We have been in this business for over 12 years and we are not just a faceless web based company which communicate only by email or charge you extra for calling us (using 0871 or 0870 numbers). Pick up your phone and call us, we will be happy to answer your queries or deal with any complaint...--
                              Off The Self :
                              Lincroft Associate is pleased to announce that from now on you can buy a ready made company and start trading instantly. --
                              CLIENT TESTIMONIAL :
                              "You are doing an amazing job with getting a process and the tools in place that make working with each other seamless! Thank you for appreciating my ideas and allowing me to take ownership for my work.Thank you Michael for making work easy for us."
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